WordPress 4.0 – Update your themes

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The WordPress 4.0 update includes a change in the admin area that can cause the media uploader buttons to cease working on some pages. We have fixed this issue and published updates for all affected themes. Please make sure you update your themes either before or after upgrading WordPress to 4.0 to ensure everything is working properly.

Affected Themes:

  • Simplicity
  • Bold
  • Flux
  • Mason
  • Madison
  • Venti

You should see the available update in your admin dashboard provided you have registered your theme. Otherwise the update will need to be applied manually. You can find instructions on that here: http://docs.rawfolio.com/manual-updates

Note: Since these changes involve javascript files, which browsers will always cache/store locally when possible; after updating, to ensure your browser is using the updated files, either clear your browser’s cache (process dependent on browser) or hold the Shift key and click the refresh button to do a ‘hard’ refresh of the page.