Carbon Image Utility


An advanced, image optimization tool built to make resizing and prepping images for the web a breeze.

Currently in beta – v0.7.2


Download for Mac


  • Batch Resize

    Drag and Drop a single, multiple or a folder full of images onto the app and process them all with a click of a button.

  • Optimize for Web

    Easily optimize your images for the web with Carbon's optimization & quality controls.

  • Sharpen

    Carbon gives you complete control over the sharpening that's applied to your image.

  • Batch Rename

    Like to give your images a specific name? Want different names for different sizes? No problem, Carbon makes this a breeze.

  • Watermark

    We all know watermarking can be a pain, and it usually adds an extra time consuming step to your workflow. With Carbon, you can apply your watermarks all at once, Or individually!

  • Presets

    Carbon's preset functionality can greatly reduce the steps in your workflow by allowing you to define settings presets to help speed up your workflow.

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