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  • What are the requirements for RAWfolio themes? Show

    The requirements to use RAWfolio themes are pretty simple:

    • You need your own web host and domain name.
    • You need WordPress 3.5+ installed on your web server.

    RAWfolio themes DO NOT work on WordPress.com or Blogger.com blogs, your site must be self-hosted. If you do not currently have your own domain name and web host, we are more than happy to assist you in that process. Please see our knowledge base for host recommendations.

  • Will my web host work with RAWfolio? Show

    We have put together a list of known webhosts that both work and do not work, in our knowledge base. You can view the article Here

  • Are there any recurring fees? Or is this a one time purchase? Show

    All themes are a one time purchase and include all files necessary to run the purchased theme. There are no other fees, payments or charges; unless of course you are purchasing additional themes or services.

  • How do updates work? Do they cost money? Show

    All theme minor-release updates are free, major-release versions of certain themes may require an upgrade fee. Major releases typically introduce new or revised features, where minor release versions are normally for small upgrades/updates, small feature introductions or security and performance updates.

    For example if you have version 2.0, all 2.X updates for that theme are free, whereas the update from 2.0 to 3.0 may incur an upgrade free.

  • Can I use my current blog? Or do I have to start from scratch? Show

    Absolutely, as long as you currently use WordPress or any of the current blogging platforms that are importable to WordPress. Because of the flexibility of WordPress’ theme functionality, changing your old blog into a complete blogsite is as simple as uploading a .zip file. There are some cases where you might want to move your blog to a different address or directory within your site, for these cases we recommend that you first review our knowledge base article on moving your blog. Once you’ve decided this is the route you want to take, we generally recommend that you either have us move the files for you (included in our installation package), or another professional familiar with WordPress.

  • What’s the difference between Lite & Premium Themes? Show

    Lite themes generally have more standard layout styles along with more customization options to allow you greater flexibility in building your site.

    Premium themes on the other hand are meant to be more of an out of the box unique site. They feature more intricate designs and layouts previously only available to our custom site clients. In general, premium themes have less customization options, but provide the look of a professionally designed custom site right out of the box. Our premium themes come with a customization option that can be purchased in addition to the theme itself, what this means is that we’ll customize the theme to fit your branding along with other slight modifications. Due to the advanced nature of our premium themes, we offer free setup for all premium themes by us to ensure the site is working properly and as it should, on your host. Should we encounter issues or incompatibilities with your web host, we will make any modifications needed to make things compatible if at all possible. The majority of our premium themes are offered on a limited basis, meaning once the allotted number of themes have been purchased, they will no longer be available for sale.

  • What type of support is provided? Show

    We’re on a mission to create a great experience for our customers. That’s why we’ve created our Knowledge Base, which is an ever expanding fully interactive resource full of tutorials, videos and answers to everything RAWfolio related.

    Aside from our knowledge base, we also provide email support for anything not covered in the knowledge base. Though for many questions, especially those that could potentially benefit other customers, we will generally direct inquiries to be posted in the knowledge base forums so we can answer them publicly.

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide any phone support simply due to staffing limitations and the amount of inquiries we receive, we apologize if this is an invonvenience.

  • Who do you recommend for hosting? Show

    Our host of choice is HostGator.com. They offer great 24/7 support, are knowledgable, fast and a joy to work with. If you’re interested in signing up with HostGator, use the discount code: RAWFOLIO2012 at checkout to receive 25% Off you’re first invoice.

  • I’ve made a purchase but haven’t received an email with a download link, what do I do? Show

    If you have experienced any troubleshooting, please submit a support ticket on our support portal here. Occasionally it may take up to 1 hour to receive an email, please keep in mind that the email may be filtered into your Spam folder. Please check it before submitting a support ticket.

  • I love your themes but I’d like one customized for me, what do I do? Show

    Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer customization services for our themes. We apologize.

  • I purchased the wrong theme, can I switch to another? Show

    Upon checkout you are provided with multiple opportunities to review and change your order. Purchasing a theme, plugin or extension without care is considered user error. We do not offer refunds or exchanges, all sales are final unless specific arrangements were made prior to purchase.

  • What is your refund policy? Show

    Since RAWfolio provides a free 30 day trial of our themes/plugins via creation of a demo site here, and are offering non-tangible digital goods, we do not issue refunds after sale unless a specific agreement was made prior to purchase or if you are absolutely not able to use the theme/plugin you purchased for a specific and valid reason (e.g. hosting incompatibility), and you have worked with our support staff to resolve the issue. It is your responsibility to evaluate whether one of our themes is suitable for your purposes prior to purchase.